By Hafeedoh Balogun

Taking your wedding out of the major cities in Nigeria to a smaller city could happen for several reasons, maybe to honor your parents or you prefer the vibes of a smaller city. Whatever your reason, you are bound to create good memories with your special person, family and friends.

Celebrating your wedding away from cities such as Lagos and Port Harcourt means avoiding the wahala that comes with big cities - traffic, high prices of goods, the list goes on! However, if your wedding is to hold in a place you are hardly familiar with, the planning process could be quite tasking.

To help you navigate planning a successful wedding away from the hustle and bustle of city life, we have rounded up these tips to make wedding planning less stressful for you and your partner.

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1. Let your guests know well ahead of time

If most of your guests have to travel for your wedding, you should consider telling your guests about your wedding 6-7 months before the big day. Doing this will help you gauge the number of people who can make it to the wedding and give your guests enough time to plan.

Consider sending digital save-the-dates before sharing invitations or access cards. The save-the-date is your way to announce your wedding date and location and confirm attendance.

2. Finding the perfect vendors

Finding and selecting good vendors is a crucial part of the planning process! If you have your mind set on vendors based in a major city, ask them if they are available to travel to your wedding location and what this means in naira cost for you! If additional expenses such as flights and lodging are way out of budget, consider vendors based in your wedding location who would deliver just as well.

Also, are you considering a good range of cities to find vendors from? For example, if you are planning a wedding in a small town in the East, you could be better off searching for vendors in the major Eastern cities rather than vendors from Lagos?

Hiring a local wedding vendor may be helpful here! With their experience planning weddings in the city or town your wedding is to hold, they can suggest trusted vendors for your wedding.

3. Accommodation and transportation for your guests

If you want to take some stress away from your guests, consider how you can assist with their accommodation and transportation needs. It is not compulsory to pay for their accommodation, but if you can stretch your budget to afford this, it will be a nice gesture. Otherwise, suggest places where they can lodge during your wedding period. Make sure to include cheaper options in your suggestions.

Accommodation can be costly if not managed properly - try negotiating with hotels or the likes for group discounts for your guests.

If many of your guests will travel from the exact location, consider hiring a bus for group travel. Also, consider transport within the city for your guests for the key wedding events.

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4. Be prepared to answer questions from your guests

If you are holding your wedding outside of a major city, your guests will likely have questions regarding a number of things - from how to travel to your wedding location, lodging options, etc. Have an open attitude and be prepared to respond to these questions - your guests will only love you more for this!

If you anticipate a lot of these questions, you could create a website that includes information about your wedding that your guests would find helpful! This wedding website can also have a ‘FAQ’ section with questions you repeatedly receive from guests - this section should be updated as planning progresses.

5. Make your schedule flexible and fun

It is safe to assume that you will arrive at your wedding city at least 3 days before your wedding to ensure things are going to plan! But, those few days before the wedding can also be fun - how?

Make a list of activities you and your guests can participate in to catch some fun before the big day. Enjoy the moment, relax and get ready to be married to your love!

That is all for wedding planning tips for a wedding outside of a major city in Nigeria. Good luck planning!

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