Hey Brides and Grooms!

The days leading to the wedding can be very stressful from doing last minute runs to ensure that everything you’ve been planning for months turns out beautiful.
Here are a few things to consider having your friends and family help you with, while you slay and enjoy your big day.

Event planning made easy

Event coordination

If you already have an event planner, then you need to speak to them about coordination for your big day.

If you planned your wedding on your own, then consider hiring a coordinator for the wedding day. Hiring a planner or coordinator might be out of your budget, you can have a friend or family member do it. Ensure you define the expectations and everything they need to know before the day.

It is really important to have someone help with ensuring proper transition from one programme of events to another. From clearing the aisle before you walk in, to ensuring the fog and fireworks come up at the right time, and ensuring that all the vendors deliver. You need someone to take up this role.

Catering for Couple's Guests

You want your bridal party and your friends to have fun and enjoy themselves at your wedding. You need someone to ensure they are sitting in the right place and that they experience your wedding fully.

Handling the money bag

There’d be a lot of money flowing around. Designate a trusted person to help you pick or collect money. You can also ask them to help you deposit it in the bank while you rest from all the wedding stress. You should also ensure that there are enough bags for the money.

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Catering for the Couple

It is also important for the bride and groom to eat something at their wedding. If you want to have food packed for you to take home after the event, or you want a particular dish while you’re on stage or in the changing room, let someone help you with that.

Packing your things

You need to be worry free on your big day. Have someone help you with clearing the changing room, so you don’t lose anything, and all you have to do at the end of the event is get into the car and leave the venue.

We hope you find this helpful! Let us know any other thing you think needs to be allocated to friends and family to ensure a stress free day for the couple.

Event planning made easy
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