By Hafeedoh Balogun

Makeup is not a compulsion for brides, but it could be the perfect accessory for you. There is a sparkle that makeup adds to a bride’s look on her special day!

You’ve probably sorted out a few things regarding your wedding - families have agreed on a date, booked a venue, and secured your key vendors. Now, on to the next phase of wedding planning, which entails discovering your wedding look and finding the perfect wedding makeup artist for your wedding.

We’ve broken down the process of finding and booking your dream MUA into 4 phases.

Phase 1: When do I need the MUA, and for how long?

Bridal makeup typically does not start a day to or on the wedding day. However, in many cases, it could begin from trial makeup, the pre-wedding shoot, and the wedding. So, in finding a makeup artist, you must ensure they are available for your wedding and any activities before the wedding day. Some makeup artists like TheKatchyglam have noted this and include certain pre-wedding activities in their bridal packages.

In this stage, you also want to consider what you need from your MUA. Here are a few things to think about while you’re planning

  • How many events do I need the MUA for?
  • How many days would my wedding run over?
  • Do I want to book a gele/ turban artist separately?
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Phase 2: Finding my wedding look

The truth is, every makeup artist is not your makeup artist. As professionals, many MUAs have specialised talents and tend to focus on certain types of makeup looks. At this stage, our best advice is to search for a makeup artist that matches the style of your dream wedding look.

So your next question is, how do I find my wedding look? Social media is in our lives to make this process much easier! First, browse your favourite wedding accounts and see what makeup looks catch your eyes. Then, start saving these pictures to create a makeup lookbook; after a few saved photos, you’ll begin to see a trend of what you like! If you’re still confused, do not worry! Reach out to your friends and family - they can share advice on what makeup looks they think you would like and will suit you!

Phase 3: Do some background ‘checking’ here and there

Social media has done it again! In this day and age, it is not only easy to find makeup artists but also to undergo enough research to decide on which vendor to choose. It’s easy to find previous works of makeup artists to understand their style better, get a feel of how they work with brides and see previous customer reviews.

But remember, not everything on social media is real. “Some things you see on Instagram may be filtered and airbrushed. Be on the lookout!” - TheKatchyglam, MUA.

Once you’ve done all the hard work and you have a few artists in mind; engage them in conversation to see who would be perfect for you. Ask questions ranging from:

  • What kind of products do they use?
  • Would they be bringing an assistant that day?
  • Does their package include gele or turban tying?
  • Would they be available for the occasional touch-up?
  • Are they any additional charges you should be aware of eg, transport fare

If you can, request a consultation session with prospective makeup artists - seeing firsthand what their work looks like might help your decision.

Phase 4: Book your MUA and get ready for your big day

Finally! You’ve made up your mind - this is the MUA you will use for your special day. Let the MUA know your choice so your date(s) can be confirmed as booked! If you have to pay a deposit, make sure you pay this on time and take note of the balance and due date.

Regarding skin prep for your big day, we have a whole article with the best tips to make your skin look good! Check it out here.

Event planning made easy
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