By Rahmat Suenu

The world is currently adjusting to the changes the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, including how we celebrate important occasions. Whether you are a newlywed who is not able to travel due to the restrictions, or a big getaway was not part of the wedding budget, we have cooked up a list of Honeymoon staycation ideas in Nigeria. These ideas are also perfect for date night or weekend getaways - here’s to keeping the love alive!

1. Lovin' it up at home

Yes, you read right - take a week off work and create the ultimate experience in the comfort of your own home! Here are a few ideas on how to go about this;

  • Romantic dinner: this has to be different to your typical dinner night - cook together or order-in if that feels easier, create a fancy table setting, scented candles, dim light & slow music for ambience and you’ve created your 5-star experience in your home! The ultimate goal is to have an ambience that speaks “love”
  • Spa day: let’s be honest here, planning a wedding can be quite stressful, so it’s a good idea to ensure you get some TLC during this time off. Get your favorite spa products from your local spas and treat each other to a relaxing time or hire someone to recreate a spa experience at home if you’re the ‘I can’t kill myself’ type
  • Camp in: imagine games night but just the two of you! Set up a fort in your living room, get your favorite snacks (small chops counts) and games and enjoy a night of laughter, sharing experiences and bonding
  • Movie night: super simple idea but offers a relaxing moment with your loved one. Thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, we have access to - create a list of movies of either your favorite movies to rewatch or ones neither of you has seen yet. Feeling a little extra? Why not recreate a movie theatre scenes by projecting your movie on a blank wall
Photography by Andres Ayrton

2. Honeymoon in the city

Not being able to travel to your dream destination should not stop you from enjoying your initial moments as a couple. Here are a couple of ideas to make your honeymoon memorable right in your city:

  • Resort getaways: depending on where you are based, Nigeria has a lot to offer in terms of resort getaways - think beach getaways, best of local cuisine and enjoyment overall. Check out this link 3 for some resort options
  • Romantic hotels: this is perfect if you’re looking for that escape and the feeling that comes with lodging into your hotel room. Be sure to think about what amenities (gym, spa, swimming pool etc) the hotel has before booking and enjoy these during your stay
  • Explore new places: our cities typically have hidden gems that we are yet to discover. Think of yourself as a tourist in your city and explore - where are the best places to eat, what are the interesting must- see landmarks, what activities can you get up to for fun?!

3. Honeymoon in another city

Ever thought of getting out of your city and exploring Nigeria? Well, this might be your opportunity to do just that. Ensure you do your research on the city you’re visiting, so you have a better understanding of local life.

Similar to having your honeymoon in your city, explore this new city like a tourist. Visit the main attractions, devour local cuisine and immerse yourself in this new experience. Some interesting spots to consider are the Osun groove in Osogbo Osun state, Le Meridien Ibom Golf resort in Akwa Ibom, Obudu Cattle ranch - to name a few.

Are you planning your honeymoon in the country? Or looking for date night ideas - we’d love to hear from you in the comment section.

Photo by Obudu Mountain Resort

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