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What’s next after a wedding? Honeymoon, yes! The thought of flying to a nice destination and having the ultimate time of your life with your partner sounds exciting!

Moreover, it is actually necessary to unwind after the long period of stress involved with having to plan a wedding. Consider it as a form of self-care, post wedding!

However, as exciting as the prospect of a honeymoon sounds, it requires planning. Here are some tips and considerations for when you’re planning a honeymoon!

1. Plan ahead and plan together

Begin your preparations months ahead! To ensure a successful trip, you need to take your time, and ensure that you don’t plan in a rush. Ensure your partner is in on your plans too, especially to ensure that their needs are put into adequate consideration.

2. Have a budget

When making any plans at all, a budget is necessary. Have a budget and ensure that your budget fits into the kind of vacation that you intend to go on. Consider your flight costs, price of lodging, and other miscellaneous expenses that may pop up during your trip.

3. Consider booking a travel agent

Travel agents are usually well-versed with the best travel options for your intended location. Some may offer additional services including accommodation bookings and logistic services while on the trip. More interestingly, many of them offer better prices for their operations. So of course, if you’re the type who’s not too sure about what to do, consider booking an agent!

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4. Read about other people’s experiences

Before exploring a honeymoon destination, especially when you’ve never been there before, try researching the city/ country. Make findings about the weather condition, acceptable cultural practices, languages spoken, and of course interesting places you can visit while on a trip there. There are a lot of resources online to help - you could also check out travel bloggers who may have had experience visiting the place.

5. Have your necessary documents ready

One thing you do not want is to have law enforcement jeopardizing your vacation plans due to inadequate travel documents. This is one reason why you really have to start making plans as early as possible. A recommended six months time frame should ensure that you have all you need prior to your travelling time.

6. Plan out your activities

It is important that you do not just travel to a destination without planning out some activities prior. When making your research, ensure you note down some interesting places you may want to visit within the town or city you’re travelling to. This ensures that you are not confronted with distraught on your first few days there. You could also include cute little surprises for each other, e.g, a small dinner, just to make your stay more interesting and timeworthy!

Photo by La So / Unsplash

7. Self care, no pressure

Remember that your honeymoon is as good as a vacation. So of course, enjoy yourself as much as you can, and do not put too much pressure on yourself. Take time to rest in between your activities, eat well, and bask in the good weather that wherever you choose to go provides.

In all your plans, we’ll be here, wishing you a happy honeymoon!

Event planning made easy
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