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If the 2020 pandemic has taught us anything, it is that good weddings can also be planned on a smaller scale. Talk of the town is that intimate weddings could be more popular on the other side of the pandemic. Well, we say yes to that cause variety is the spice of life. We think intimate weddings can just be as fabulous as bigger weddings, so in this post, we’re sharing 12 epic ways to transform your intimate wedding event!

1. Make your venue feel more intimate

Nothing like a good decorator to add magic to your event space. Whether working with a hall with more capacity than required or a smaller venue, it is key that the decor does not overwhelm the size of the party! Think unique centerpieces, subtle floral arrangements and candlelights to light up your day.

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2. Choose a different venue

The traditional venue choice for wedding receptions is the big concrete, event centres which are beautiful and aesthetic in their own right! Other venues are valid options when working with a smaller guestlist - private rooms in restaurants, your dad’s house, parks, beach houses. In choosing venues, always do your research and ensure the venue you choose ticks all your must-haves.

3. DIY guests’ souvenirs

A smaller guestlist may give room for some DIY fun for souvenirs. Giving heartfelt and self made gifts to thank guests for attending your wedding could add something unique to your big day. Looking for unique souvenir ideas? Check out this video from Nigerian model and actress Makida Moka - our favourite idea is the DIY honey jars.

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4. Add more personal touches

Reflect your love story and personalities by incorporating personal touches in your wedding. From custom cake toppers, private pictures displayed at your wedding to your favorite dessert served. Personal touches help to create a warmer connection with your guests by inviting them into your journey to forever. Take a cue from Blessing Abeng & Uwem Uwemakpan of #ourbund - our favorite idea from their wedding is custom stamps on the wedding invites!

5. Choose an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings have increasingly become popular, given how picturesque they tend to be! Garden weddings are the more popular option, with a good number of venue options at your disposal. Beach weddings are also lovely too - picture blue sky, brown sand, the water in the background.

6. Get creative with seating plans

Who sits where and who sits with who is an important detail for some couples. Detailed seating plans with a larger guest count could prove difficult to achieve. However, an intimate wedding might allow you this flexibility to develop a seating plan that works best for the dynamics around your wedding e.g. wanting your co-workers to sit together. A great idea is printing this seating plan, which guests can see on arrival and follow instructions to get to their seats

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7. Hire a photographer to capture your moments

Good memories deserved to be captured. A good photographer will capture these moments to tell the story of your big day - from your first dance with your partner, your guests getting their groove on and the lovely array of food. If photography is key to you and your partner, be sure to think about your style and select a photographer who well reflects this.

8. Non-conventional time for your wedding

With a smaller guest list, who says you have to go with the typical morning wedding! There are other timelines you could go with, for example, kicking your big day with an afternoon (religious) ceremony and an evening reception.

9. After the show is the after party

Great music is not limited to big weddings! Following the reception, the groove for you and your guests can continue into an after party. Key tip: if you’re looking to throw an after-party, ensure you have booked your vendors to accommodate this - you want to keep everyone fuelled up for the good times.

10. Splurge on what’s important

Intimate does not necessarily mean cheaper but seeing as guest count is one of the biggest factors relating to budget and actual spend, we would expect these weddings to cost less than a typical owambe wedding. If you are limiting your guest count, this may allow you spend more on the things that matter most to you - perhaps those shiny pair of louboutins or that honeymoon package you’ve been dreaming of these past months

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11. Aso-ebi - change your style

Without the frills of a big owambe wedding, you could potentially take a different direction with aso-ebi for your family and guests. One option is to limit aso-ebi to just family and a few close friends; everyone else gets to wear their outfit of choice sticking to your color scheme or wedding theme. On the extreme, you could completely scrap aso-ebi for everyone, giving your friends & family full creative discretion on their outfit for the day (obviously sticking to the color scheme/ theme for the day)

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12. Introduce wedding games

Everyone loves games - the young, the old, maybe even your big aunty! Choose games that get your guests involved and will create more fun moments at your event. Table games such as ayo, cards and crosswords are great but interactive games such as musical chairs are also a winner

We hope these tips have been helpful, whether you’re deep into your planning process, recently engaged or a curious singleton. We’re keen to hear top tips on how to plan best and stress less - leave a comment and let’s get chatting.

Event planning made easy
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