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The bridal look entails a few things - the outfit, the accessories, the hair, the turban/ gele, and the makeup. As a key part of a bride’s look, some time and effort are needed to find a wedding makeup artist and ensure that, as a bride, you have the best chance to look beautiful on your big day.

We love hearing from professionals about wedding tips and tricks, so we contacted Touch Pro (him), a Lagos-based makeup artist, to get the gist of wedding makeup. Read on for his top advice, including how to get long-lasting makeup on your big day, and search for your makeup artist vendor!

How would you describe your makeup style?
I would describe my makeup style as soft, classy, and elegant.

What has your experience been as a male makeup artist in the beauty space?
I have had many experiences with brides and clients who were shocked to work with a male makeup artist and pleasantly surprised that I do my job as well as the female MUAs!

What do you enjoy the most about being a makeup artist?
I enjoy everything about makeup to the fullest! The money aspect is very appealing, and the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life and build relationships & networks.

How do you help brides to decide on their wedding makeup look?
The first step is asking the bride to describe how she would like to look on her big day! Her description will help me visualise the look and allows the bride to choose a wedding makeup look. I would also consider her outfits for the day to make sure whatever makeup she chooses compliments her entire look.

Photo by Touch Pro

What does a typical day look like when working with a bride on her wedding day?
I prepare for the bridal makeup session an hour before she is ready to go! During this time, I ensure all my makeup kits are organised and set up lighting. After this, I will finish the bride’s makeup within the agreed time!

What tips would you give brides when looking for a wedding makeup artist?
Finding your ideal bridal makeup artist can be tricky, but wedding planners and referrals from friends can help brides in this process. Also, take advantage of social media by searching for MUAs who are comfortable working with brides and be ready to pay for top-notch services!

Are there any bridal makeup trends you are enjoying at the moment?
Luminous look, black winged eyeliner, feathered brows, dewy finish look, and striking eyelashes.

Any tips that you can share with brides for long-lasting makeup looks?
Every bride needs a good mini rechargeable fan to stay cool throughout her wedding day! She should not be tensed or try to be everywhere at once - focus on herself because she is, after all, the center of attraction!

Event planning made easy
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