Everyone deserves love, but ultimately, everyone deserves having a blast at your Nigerian wedding reception!

Give your guests the time of their life with fun and unique activities that’ll have them holding on to memories from your wedding for as long as forever. Our favourite games and activities get everyone involved from the young to the old!

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That said, we have curated a list of things to do on your big day that will surely deliver fun to you and your guests! What games and activities will surely be making an appearance at your wedding?

1. The Shoe Game

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Classic, but nonetheless, always entertaining!

For this game, two chairs are positioned back to back, one for each couple to sit on. The bride and groom take off their shoes, and pass one each to the other, so that they each have one of their own and one of their partner’s. The MC will ask questions that test how well the couple know each other and the couple responds by raising the shoe of the person that the question describes. The “who is most likely to” type of questions are the most common in this game. They both score a point if their answers are the same.

2. Scavenger Hunt

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Ask the participants to find random items within the venue. Whoever finds the object last in a round gets eliminated, and this is continued in a loop until there’s one person left. The last person standing becomes the winner.

3. Themed Photo Booth

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Now this is exciting! What’s a wedding without photos anyway? Might as well spice it up with a themed photo booth at your wedding. You can also organise a Polaroid photo booth stand at your wedding too. Not only would your guests get to take fun pictures, but they also get memories to take home with them too!

4. Spin the Wheel

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Let your bridesmaids and groomsmen partake in this! Or to spice it up even more, select guests at random from the audience to spin the wheel and partake in whatever fun activity they’re lucky to get.

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5. Candy Dance / Electric Slide

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If you’ve watched the film “The Best Man”, chances are that you’ve come across this iconic dance brought to life in the last scene, with the entire wedding “Electric-sliding” to the tune of Cameo’s Candy. This tradition has been carried on ever since that movie, and it is definitely fun to try at your Nigerian wedding too!

6. Bouquet and Garter Toss

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Top of the day for most parties of the bride and groom train is “who gets to catch the bouquet or garter?”, and ultimately, earn the goodluck for being next in line to marry. This is a fun game that sets your adrenaline pumping with anticipation. So of course, why not?

7. The Blindfold Game

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For this game, the bride or groom is blindfolded and made to touch other people until they are able to determine who their spouse is. The bridesmaids or groomsmen will usually take part in this, and they take turns to present themselves individually to the blindfolded couple, until they are able to recognize their partner.

8. Dance Challenge

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Call on your guests to get their grooving shoes and set the stage alight with marvelous dance steps at your wedding! Dancing never gets old, or boring, particularly when you spice it up with a challenge. it’s just the perfect chance for you and your guests to unwind and have the ultimate fun that you deserve.

9. Gele Game

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For this, volunteers are requested from among the guests. They partake in a game where they attempt to tie the traditional Nigerian gele headtie on other guests. The person whose head-tie looks the most fabulous wins the game!

10. Musical Chairs

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For this game, participants dance around a set of chairs arranged in a circular form. These chairs are strategically arranged to be one number less than the number of participants. Music is played for a while, but once the music stops, everyone is expected to take a seat on one of the chairs immediately. Whoever is unable to take a seat loses, and is out of the game.

The list of fun activities that you can organize at your wedding events is non-exhaustive. We hope however, that we’ve sparked some fun Inspiration within you with this post.

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