For most brides, choosing the wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning - we’ve all heard about the dress moments!

Renting over buying has some advantages including being a cheaper option and not needing to find storage space for a dress for months. We share some tips on how to rent a wedding dress, so you get the best out of this experience!

Finding a dress

If you’re looking to rent your wedding gown, key advice is to start shopping early. This increases your chances of finding a dress that suits well and well in advance of your big day. Check out stores who specialise in dress rentals (keep reading for examples) but also your favourite stores if this is something they could offer!

When you find a dress of your dreams, ensure it’s available for your wedding and book in time! In addition, confirm how long you can rent the dress for, so this matches your wedding timeline.

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To get the best out of the renting experience, go in with an open mindset. The dress you end up with might not be the dress of your dreams or the dress of your dreams might have a few imperfections. In summary, leave the ideal of a perfect dress at the door of the bridal shop!


Nowadays, bridal houses offer rental packages - so your dress may come with accessories such as a veil, tiara and slippers. Be on the lookout for good deals!

Ask questions and express concerns before signing any agreement. Check if alterations are included in the rental price and confirm any charges relating to damages.

Some bridal houses may offer a more bespoke package - so a chance to choose your ideal dress, which you wear first and then becomes rented after on. However, these sorts of packages might be more expensive!

Caring for the dress

If using a rented dress for your wedding, you should keep a mind that someone else would wear this after you. This means taking care of the dress like it’s yours to keep. There are a few things that could help during the wedding:

  1. Step into the gown before the shoes and have someone else put your shoes on for you
  2. Fix your nails at least a day before your wedding. Wet nail polish could lead to permanent damage to the dress
  3. During your make-up session, cover the gown with a towel to avoid makeup stains on the dress

Whilst you may be tempted to dry clean the gown after your big day, check if your vendor allows this. Sometimes, the vendor may choose to professionally dry clean the dress themselves.

Here are a few Nigerian-based boutiques that offer wedding dress rentals. Happy shopping!

I hope these tips have been helpful, whether you’re deep into your planning process, recently engaged or a curious singleton. We’re keen to hear top tips on how to plan best and stress less - leave a comment and let’s get chatting.

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