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In this article, we’ll explore the lace fabric, its use in creating wedding gown, lace wedding gown inspirations, and things you should consider before and after getting one.

Lace is one of the oldest traditional fabrics that exists and has been used in making wedding gown. It is quite versatile in its usage, transcending from mere embellishment into being used as the main fabric for gown. But before deciding to hop on the lace wedding dress trend, here are some considerations you should make!


When it comes to accessories, keep it simple, and try not to overdo it. Lace in itself is already burdened with a lot of patterns and embroidery. Thus, depending on the lace type and the design, heavy or too much jewelry might have your entire appearance looking too busy or overly flashy.

Try accessorizing with pearls. Pearls are classic, elegant and classy; and even more, they are simple, and easily match well with lace. A simple pearl studded necklace and earrings will bring elegance to your overall look.

Lace with other fabrics

Lace is, more often than not, combined with other fabric materials. The lace fabric is quite versatile. It could be the main and only fabric used for a gown or combined with others. It can be used on the bodice, sleeve, neckline, hems, or even as overlays on plain fabrics.

When deciding how you want your lace gown to work, consider your silhouette choice for the gown and the details you want. It is most often better to pair your lace with a plain, unpatterned fabric, unless of course, you have a way to pull it off otherwise. Other considerations you should make are as to colour, and weight, and comfortability of the fabric. Some lace fabrics can appear nice but are very uncomfortable on the skin. So pay attention to the details when making your choice.


When it comes to wedding dresses, silhouette matters, and even more when it comes to the fabric you’re making them with. Lace is quite versatile and comes in different types, patterns, textures, and even weight.

Consider a lace type that fits well with your preferred silhouette choice. For instance, if you want a simple flowy A-line gown that is, consider using lace fabric for the bodice alone, and a lighter plain fabric for the skirt. Alternatively, use a lightweight lace fabric, instead of a heavy one.

Caring for your lace wedding gown

Having a wedding gown ready requires that you take proper care of it before your day. Ensure you store your wedding gown in a safe atmosphere, where it won’t risk damage or any stains.

Remember that your best bet is to hand your gown over to a professional dry cleaner if you need any cleaning. If you are not able to do that, ensure you handle the dress with utmost care.

On your big day, you may want someone to help you wear your lace wedding gown, so that you’re not at the risk of popping a zip or button, or ripping some studs or embroidery off the gown.

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Here is some lace bridal gown inspiration for you!

Photo by Maggie Sottero
Photo by Sheye Oladejo
Dress by Alonuko Bespoke
Photo by AprilbyKunbi
Photo by Elizabeth and Lace Bridal
Photo by Martina Liana
Photo by Yemi Kosibah
Photo by Alonuko Bespoke

Event planning made easy
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